August 2019 Athlete of the Month



How long have you been a member of Sequoia CrossFit?

I started in May 2018 when I signed up for the 6 week challenge.

Had you done CrossFit before joining? If so, for how long?

I had never done Crossfit before signing up. In fact, I really didn’t know much about Crossfit and didn’t realize I had signed up for CrossFit at the time!

What inspired you to join Sequoia CrossFit?

It started when I joined with the 6 week challenge and ended up really enjoying it. Matt has been a great coach and always pushes people to their full potential while keeping the environment fun and comfortable so after the 6 weeks were up, I decided to continue my membership.

What is your favorite WOD and why?

I like Hero WODs. They’re intense, most of the time you feeling like dying while doing it but there’s a level of satisfaction when it’s all said and done. I’m weird, I know!

What is your favorite movement and why?

Deadlifts and squats, duh!

What is your favorite indulgence (type of food, drink, know)?

Ummm, wine, cheese and pasta...oh and chips! I wish I could eat pasta and drink wine everyday. Le sigh.

Natalie Pavlovsky