September 2019 Athlete of the Month



EDITOR’S NOTE: In typical Zulma fashion, we sent her the same list of questions that everyone else has always just answered and sent back, and she decided to write her own testimonial about Sequoia CrossFit. LOL.

I was so skeptical about joining CrossFit because I always heard people hurting themselves. However since I’ve joined Sequoia CrossFit and having just the awesome people around me giving me pointers and giving me lotta Bashan has really made a difference. I’ve been a member for six months but then I took six months for recovery from surgery and then I couldn’t wait to get back and start working on my fitness goals. Sequoia is really a community rather than just another gym. I look forward to going every single day. I love the coaches, peeps and just everything this community has to offer. I tell everybody I know that if they have not done CrossFit, they are missing out. I am at my healthiest and I feel awesome. I am stronger and can’t wait to see what my future holds...

Natalie Pavlovsky